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mosso005 reviewed @ De-Bug

Musik von Alejandro Mosso ist immer so leichtfüßig. Tänzelnd. Perkussiv bestimmt und doch völlig in den Melodien aufgehend. Sanft und doch voller Druck. “Arrecife” ist ein perfektes Beispiel dafür. Bestimmt klingelnd, voller Untertöne, innerlich voller Spannung, aber doch so elegisch dabei. Da können die Orgeltöne schon mal minutenlang stehen bleiben und dennoch ist alles gesagt. Ein Track, der so beständig an einem nuckelt wie die snaften Wellen am warmen Sommerstrand. Ähnlich ruhig und voller Sanftheit auch die Rückseite der EP, die einem erst gegen Ende durch die Finger rinnt, wie ein kurzes Aufblitzen von Quecksilber in einer Welt aus Farn.


mosso005 is OUT NOW!!!

mosso005 A+B

Artist: Alejandro Mosso
Title: mosso005
Cat: mosso005
Label: mosso
Format: 12” & Digital
Release: October 2013

The mosso imprint presents the newest addition to its catalogue. The fifth episode of the series features two newly picked, slow-burning numbers.

Reporting Alejandro Mosso’s further travels on the fine lines drawn between awakened reverie and inspirited groove, this new record could also be considered as an adroit demonstration on how to preserve delicacy in splendor.

As ‘Islote’ was slowly taking its final shape in the few weeks preceding the record’s mastering, Alejandro Mosso decided to pull ‘Arrecife’ out from his unfinished archives. It is a beautifully stern and steely work, presenting the slow development of the main lead, giving it space to gradually appear from the fine selection of uncanny percussions and steadily met by its accentuated twin. A damper invitation to look within.

On the flip, ‘Islote’ begins with a selection of colourful drums, not unfamiliar to Mosso’s usual escapades. However, spreading itself like a most complex delicacy, the apparent sweetness of this distinctive title soon gives way to a rugged melody.

Conveying a sharp yet cloudy feeling, this b-side is located somewhere in the middle of a soft longing and bluesy bliss. Mosso places the listener into the near isolation of an island, that is still anchored to its continent. Needless to say, his magic is once again well at work.

A. Arrecife
B. Islote

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